Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Everybody started talking about the essay today. which i completely forgot about and now am finding it really hard to think of a question i can ask my self to answer, the closest to a question ive got is What exactly is a portrait? which sucks.

I also thought i would list all the artsists that have had an influence on me.

David Hockney
I like the idea of many different photographs making up one.

Egon Schiele
I like the style that he has in his paintings, how truthful he is.

Nancy Burson
I like the way she has created one super image of certain people.

Jenny Saville
I like the way she uses thick brush strokes to make up the image, using drastic skin colours and has a raw/dead/meat look and feel to her work.

John Stezaker
I like the way he combines two or more images to create one portrait and the way he has made an innocent picture of a child look so un nervering simply by mirroring one side of its face.

Lawick Muller
I like the idea of using passport style photos, it shows identity, and the way he has transformed multiple faces together.

Aziz Cucher
I like the way he has simply removed a part of the face, which completely changes the look of the portrait all together, its stops you form knowing the person in the portrait and stops you from seeing how hey are feeling.

and thats all i can think of round about now but im sure there are many more out there.

Life Drawing Class 1

Well that was quite the experience, it wasnt as bad a thought it would be, and it was the better lesson of the day. I did enjoy doing the drawings though, im not sure which one is my favourite, but i definatly think half an hour for a single basic straight line drawing was far too long. I much preffered the first two drawings where we had round about 15 minutes. Ill try and bang up some images of them later.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Todays Lecture - A Cautionary Tale

As you will all know it was based around death. I must say i am a fan of the idea of death being in a picture or portrait in this case. But having a physical form of death in a picture is something else, its really creepy and i cannot understand for the life of me why people would want to take a photograph with there dead child/relative and want to remember them in that way, giving them a constant reminder that they are dead. The one image that i found particularly creepy was the child with there eyes open.

A part of the lecture that i did find interesting was the idea that everybody is judged upon there face. In this case Myra Hindley, there were so many words to be said behind this image, many of course were about evil, this face to me says, evil, death, pedophile etc. and of course in this case we all know them to be true. But then when we take a look at a later photograph of her you will instantly judge her a completly different way, i felt it had a motherly feel to it.

I finally got some inspiration from todays efforts thanks to phil. Ive jotted the ideas down and hope to get working on them some time tomorrow. These ideas range from a nice old fashioned physical collage of different photographs of me, to some Jenny Saville inspired work (who i have really bin meaning to look at seeing as my girlfreind has spent 2 years of her life being inspired by her) which relates to my Scan In Face.
I lack any inspiration or motivation from any artist today : (

Dice HD

Just one for the blog, i wasnt satisfied with the outcome before, so went back to it.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dice Tutorial

Just done the tutorial for Alan of the dice in Maya, I wasnt aware that we were doing it at home, thought we were doing it in the lesson. But i saw everyone else do it so i thought i might as well. wasnt sure wether it was going to work though seeing as im still on 8.5 ^^
I thought it came out looking quite good for my first little project in maya since college, was a good little refreshment.
There was some other things i would have liked to have done but i thought id best stick to what Alan asked for.
Apologies for the poor jpeg quality, its just for the blog.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Photoshop Illustrator Maya Workshop

Today was good, well towards the end anyway. The morning session on Photoshop and Illustrator was a bit too basic : (, which is good to get everyboday familiar with the programme at the same pace but we lacked a nice detailed talk on the programme itself. Plus i do want to learn how to use Illustrator to a good level seeing as i have never used it before. The afternoon session however, in contrast to the morning session was alot more interesting due to the fact that we got a basic but really imformative talk on Maya 2009. There was only a few parts of the programme that Alan spoke about earlier that i have yet to experience, i.e script editing, uv mapping etc. But i really do hope to extend my knowledge in this field : )

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Third Portrait Idea - My 1st Digital Painting

This is my third idea for the portrait, its not really an idea, just more of a first digital painting. I lack a graphics tablet so i had to paint the portrait with a mouse. Knowing that i would not be able to create nice accurate brush strokes, i decided to go for the quick sketchy basic paint effect. I think it works quite well.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Second Portrait Idea - Family Face Transplant

How much do we look like our family? As a parent, having a new born baby, everyone you know will say "Oh doesnt he have his eyes" or "He has his mothers nose" etc. But how truthful is this? So i took some passport looking photos of me and my mum and got to work, and pretty much just swithced the faces round as closely as possible. It looks really weird, but the crazy thing is, whilst i was putting my mums eye onto my face i forgot which one i done and almost messed it up because they were so similar.
This is just the first of the images i will do. If i can get the pictures of my whole family, i will venture on and do the same thing for every person, then hopefully create a Nancy Burson inspired image of my family as one person.
**After working on some pictures of transplanting my face onto my dads body, have in realised that i only really do look similar to my mum. Putting my idea for this portrait on hold.**

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

First Portrait Idea - Scan In Face

Just finished creating the first out of the preparatory images i will have to create. Im not sure where i got the inspiration from, but the scanner was there and so was my face, so i thought what the hell ill try it and see what it comes out to look like. Now its finshed it does remind me of some face that would be in snoopy and a texture map which would be applied to a characters face. I created it by taking multiple scan ins of my face and joining them together in Photoshop. No air brushing or clone stamping has been done, just the use of layers, opacity and the rubber tool. Hope you like it.

Just found a nice pic on the web, it combines a portrait artist (Guiseppe Acrimboldo), a pretty messed up artist (H.R Gieger) and 3D Modelling. Niiiiccce : )
Guiseppe Acrimboldo
I particularly like this artists portraits due to one reason. That one reason is the fact that they are completly different to all other portrait paintings that i have seen. They are a concpet of there own, who ever thought of building faces out of fruit and veg, then painting them?? It sounds childish but i think they have been pulled of well, i especially like the top image because it has a woodland concept feel to it.
Egon Schiele
Out of all the artists i saw today, this one in particular has had the most effect on me. I dont know what it is about the artist, but for some reason i really like the work he has produced. I like the way his portraits are simple compared to some of the other portrait artists such as Durer, but this does not make them any less of a portrait.
David Hockney
This is an interesting picture of his mother. I like the idea of a picture being made up of lots of different pictures (different angles/parts of the face in this case) although i have seen it alot before in other images around the web, even tattoo designs.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Just thought of a few ideas for the portrait, ill try em out a get them posted asap.

Todays Lecture - Artists Portraits

Todays lecture was helpful in trying to gather ideas for my portraits, which i failed to do over the week end due to the lack of knowledge in the fine art department. I quite like the way that Egon Schiele portrays himself, the wierd way the Giuseppe Arcimboldo plays with fruit and veg to produce his work and Margaret Cameron puts a painted effect on her to photos. I hope to create some work which relates to these styles of paintings.

Im sure i had some old mess around images i done in Photoshop of myself, you no, changing the colour of my skin, using the liquify tools, getting rid of facial part etc. But i cannot find them for the life of me.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Firdays Lecture

It was a good lecture, just what we needed to get the ball rolling on what Uni work will be like. Well done to all the graduates, they got some good work.

Anatomy, im really interested in this project seeing as the human form is one of the main points i realy wanted to expand and learn more on. Im not very good at self protraits plus i have never digitaly painted before, this should be quite interesting. I just wish i had studied some fine art before hand : )

District 9

So i just watched the ever so talked about District 9. Amaaaazing film, had nice concept, story and CGI. Only bad part about the film was the fact that i wanted to no more about it : D

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

This is my first bit of animation that i have done. Quite difficult at first but i got there in the end, its just a simple human walk loop.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Just a few images from my college 3D portfolio.

Blog is now up and running, finally. Confusing at first but i got there in the end :D