Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Everybody started talking about the essay today. which i completely forgot about and now am finding it really hard to think of a question i can ask my self to answer, the closest to a question ive got is What exactly is a portrait? which sucks.

I also thought i would list all the artsists that have had an influence on me.

David Hockney
I like the idea of many different photographs making up one.

Egon Schiele
I like the style that he has in his paintings, how truthful he is.

Nancy Burson
I like the way she has created one super image of certain people.

Jenny Saville
I like the way she uses thick brush strokes to make up the image, using drastic skin colours and has a raw/dead/meat look and feel to her work.

John Stezaker
I like the way he combines two or more images to create one portrait and the way he has made an innocent picture of a child look so un nervering simply by mirroring one side of its face.

Lawick Muller
I like the idea of using passport style photos, it shows identity, and the way he has transformed multiple faces together.

Aziz Cucher
I like the way he has simply removed a part of the face, which completely changes the look of the portrait all together, its stops you form knowing the person in the portrait and stops you from seeing how hey are feeling.

and thats all i can think of round about now but im sure there are many more out there.

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