Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Second Portrait Idea - Family Face Transplant

How much do we look like our family? As a parent, having a new born baby, everyone you know will say "Oh doesnt he have his eyes" or "He has his mothers nose" etc. But how truthful is this? So i took some passport looking photos of me and my mum and got to work, and pretty much just swithced the faces round as closely as possible. It looks really weird, but the crazy thing is, whilst i was putting my mums eye onto my face i forgot which one i done and almost messed it up because they were so similar.
This is just the first of the images i will do. If i can get the pictures of my whole family, i will venture on and do the same thing for every person, then hopefully create a Nancy Burson inspired image of my family as one person.
**After working on some pictures of transplanting my face onto my dads body, have in realised that i only really do look similar to my mum. Putting my idea for this portrait on hold.**

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  1. I admire the lack of vanity on show in these portraits; face transplantation is a ghoulish business, however - the documentary I'm hoping to show you in week 4 is remarkable: for a heads up, check out