Monday, 28 September 2009

Todays Lecture - A Cautionary Tale

As you will all know it was based around death. I must say i am a fan of the idea of death being in a picture or portrait in this case. But having a physical form of death in a picture is something else, its really creepy and i cannot understand for the life of me why people would want to take a photograph with there dead child/relative and want to remember them in that way, giving them a constant reminder that they are dead. The one image that i found particularly creepy was the child with there eyes open.

A part of the lecture that i did find interesting was the idea that everybody is judged upon there face. In this case Myra Hindley, there were so many words to be said behind this image, many of course were about evil, this face to me says, evil, death, pedophile etc. and of course in this case we all know them to be true. But then when we take a look at a later photograph of her you will instantly judge her a completly different way, i felt it had a motherly feel to it.

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