Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Blog Update

Thought I might as well update my blog seeing as the last post I made was my fan on Thursday, and I had a lot to say I just didn’t say it.

Friday’s workshops. Photoshop was ok but for me it was still going over tools that I am familiar with and have used before, but I did learn how to effectively use masks which was pretty good. Maya was really interesting I do really want to learn how to use lighting properly to create a nice rendered scene, plus I really want to learn how to animate objects in Maya properly and effectivly. I have the basics of modelling, just need to learn how to animate the model properly.

The Elephant Man, was I really interesting film, I have seen most of it before but in separate bits and pieces, so watching that yesterday really help piece it all together so I now understand the movie :) it was quite sad in the way that it is a real life movie and that actually has happened to someone. I also had a quick browse on Google and its amazing how much the costume designer of that movie made it look so much like the real life Joseph Merrick.

The Worlds First Human Face Plant, watching that today on an empty stomach was a good idea :) at first I thought oh god not another boring documentary, but after about 5 minutes I realised that this is going to be a really interesting documentary and subject to study. Which in a way links in with my earlier idea of the Family Face Transplant. If some one was to ask me about my thoughts on this subject before and after the documentary they would pretty much be the same. I believe in both sides of the argument (whether is ethical or not) on one side I don’t believe that somebody should undergo this operation. Think of the donors family, the face of a loved relative that has passed away will once more be walking around this planet, imagine how they would feel if a relative to the donor saw that person in later life or in the media. But then on the other side I do believe that a person should undergo this surgery on the principals that it is a life changing operation. What life is a life of hiding away in a room being on a constant down due to there appearance.

The Essay Question, I have my question but I am still to do any written work based on it. The research is going slow, in fact to a halt, so I need to get that ball rolling again tomorrow.

Portrait Idea, after watching the documentary today it made me think about an idea I had earlier. I am yet to create my families portrait so I am going to go back and work on that idea and hopefully get a piece completed tomorrow.

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