Saturday, 3 October 2009

Essay Question

I've finally produced some essay questions in which I will be researching into. I’m not sure which question to choose yet, but they are all quite interesting. So ive nabbed the ones below : )

Who does a portraits identity belong to? Is it the artist, the person in the portrait or the audience it will be portrayed to.

How artists can change peoples perception of a portrait through the use of material, colour and technique.

Can you see a person’s true identity through a portrait?

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  1. Evening Richard,

    Just browsing... in regard to your first provisional question, there are a number of really rich/provocative issues here; for instance, check out the hooha surrounding the Brooke Shields photo...

    portraits of children are becoming a centre for societal unease - who do they belong too - paedophiles - according to some! Likewise, portraits of women in a 'phallocentric' society - consider objectification and notions of the 'male gaze'...