Wednesday, 28 October 2009

From text to Maya Lecture

It felt weird being in on the wednesday but it was worth it, and i now have a clear understanding of the proccess we will have to go through to create good looking concept art form text. I was really looking forward to grabbing a tablet and cracking on but Alan was not into provide me one :( i guess its back to the nice old fashioned sketchpad and text to gather ideas. Hopefuly i will be able to pick one up on friday and have a little mess around on one. Sitting there in the lecture, watching and listening on how to go through this process really helped because i now actually have an idea of what the hell i am supposed to do.

Oh and we dont have theory tomorow yaaaaaaay.

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  1. Hi guys, the DVD I was talking about today is called Concept Design 2, Sketching Environments by Feng Zhu, the sequel is Concept Design 4. A couple of books to check out include:

    Massive Black, Volume 1
    Bold Visions, The Digital Painting Bible by Gary Tonge.

    If you need to E-Mail me my address is