Monday, 26 October 2009

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth - Excerpt 1

I read the first of the 3 excerpts from the novel, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, today on the train home from uni. It passed the time suprisingly fast, i think im going to have to take up alot more of this so called 'reading a book'. So far from the first piece of text, i have got 2 ideas on which i will want to work on. Its quite hard understanding the text due to the fact it cuts in half way through the chapter and you have no idea on whats happening but eventually so ideas came to mind as i worked out what was what.

Also im trying as hard as i can not to research into any image based concpet work on the novel because i do not want it to affect my ideas which will come to mind, its just a shame that i have seen the remake to im constantly thinking of that : (

Now i just have to get cracking on putting my ideas onto paper and thinking of a suitable subject for the essay, See you lot tommorow.


  1. I know when you watch something visual about a book, you tend to put your ideas into a box and set limits, is better if you dont watch any visual stuff and just read the book, in the end you will see you will have loads of ideas how to depict the places not knowing how other people did it.

    especially when its a remake

  2. Hi Richard, I've got one copy of the total text in the baseroom office? It cost £2 - it's one of those Penguin classics on recycled paper - a stylish number actually. It's not a big read... maybe you could try picking up a copy of the book, or you could always borrow mine (as long as you read it very fast incase other students want it too!).