Monday, 5 October 2009


Portrait Ideas:

Idea Number One

Scan In Face - The idea is that I scan each part of my face in (Top, Bottom, Left and Right) and stitch them together using Photoshop to create one 2 and a 1/2 D circle face.

Idea Number Two
Family Face Transplant - The idea is that I take passport style photos of me and my family, then using Photoshop switch the faces around, So my face in on my mums body and vice versa.

Idea Number Three
A Blurry Recognition - The idea is that I will take revolved photos of my face (Front, Back and Side) then take them into Photoshop and blur the photos.

Idea Number Four
My Scan In Face - The idea is that I will scan my face in like before, but this time focus on the main facial parts of my face (Nose, Mouth, Eyes etc.) crop them down to be square shapes and combine them together in Photoshop to create a Jenny Saville inspired piece.

Idea Number Five
Realistic Face Collage - This idea is literally what is says in the name. I will gather photographs of my face, then cut out the different features of my face and combine them together to create a different picture of me.

Idea Number Six
Unrealistic Face Collage - The idea again is what it says in the name. But this time I will gather the photographs, play about with colour, resize them, rotate them and stitch them together sort of like leather face.

Idea Number Seven
Colour Mood Photos - The idea of this is to take pictures of myself, about stomach up, these pictures will show a different emotion in my face. I will then take them into Photoshop, black and white the image, play about with contrast and make my body shadows really dark/black. Then change the colour inside my body to match the mood, but then use a drastic contrasting colour for the background.

Idea Number Eight
Layered Polaroid Face - Take lots of Polaroid size photos of my face. Place them together in Photoshop, overlap them and make the lines/ features in my face follow. Very David Hockney inspired.

Idea Number Nine
Scribble Drawing - Very quickly draw a rough line drawing of my body in a weird pose, really showing and exaggerating parts of my body that i am not too fond of, or could be improved. Very Geon Scheele inspired and styled.

Sorry for the repeats, I just wanted to list them all one after the other clearly.

Essay Question:

I am finding it really hard to gather, research and examples for my essay question. Admittedly I have not been on the laptop hard all day trying to find these research examples, but form what i have done I can not for the life of me research in the style Tracey showed us earlier, and successfully gather the information, please help !!

** I will also add my comments and intentions on what I am going to do on my portraits **

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  1. Interim Review Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

    Hi Richard,

    Okay - to begin, I always enjoy browsing your blog because you are quick to visualise your ideas and you 'develop by doing' - by showing as opposed to telling; as such, your creative development is engaging; and yet, even with all those ideas and strategies investigated, a conclusion still eludes you; the same 'hole' appears to be sitting in the middle of your written assignment too, which is why you're experiencing such difficulty in researching it.

    Answer this question (and it's a question I've posed to a number of your classmates already): what, in your opinion, after everything you've seen and everything you've heard, is the essential problem in creating a self-portrait? To answer this, you must first answer a different question; for you, what is the essential, defining characteristic of identity; is it its fragmentation? Is it its fluidity? Is it its unknowability? Is it its relationship to time? Is it its relationship to spaces? The list goes on - but if it had to be one more than the others, which would it HAVE to be? Once you've defined its essential 'must-have' , the original problem becomes very clear; how then, in a single image, can you convey that essential characteristic effectively, economically and aesthetically?

    You have posted nine ideas, but nowhere do I get the sense that one of them is more of an answer than another; the 'right' portrait will simply be the one whose visual strategy feels the most meaningful and therefore the most 'true'.

    So, put even more simply, what is your concept, and have you enshrined it yet? If the answer is yes, then take your pick and polish accordingly, if the answer is no (and I wonder if it is) then you've got to push for a little bit longer and go a little bit further.

    As for the essay, if you knew the answer to the portrait problem, I think you'd have a clearer idea of the territory you'd want to research and investigate.

    Therefore, try and look at self-portraiture as beset with problems, because self-portraiture is inextricably linked with identity; if you believe that identity is most accurately expressed through ideas about texture and mark-making (expressionism) then you have your topic; i,e, an analysis of the use of media in portraiture to convey identity; if you believe that identity is best expressed through the notion of masks and masquerade, then you will look to the photographers that play games with faces in this way.

    My advice - identify the problem with making faces express identity, then let the answer to the problem drive your aesthetic and your research.

    I hope I'm not talking in riddles! I think you need to take ownership and make a choice, and then, my gut is telling me, you'll see everything a bit more clearly.