Thursday, 1 October 2009

Portrait Ideas

I finally got all of my ideas together. As i said before i got alot of inspiration from the book 'The Other Face' by Das Zweite Gesicht. There was quite a few photos i saw of my ideas which i had planned out and lots of new photos which gave me new ideas. Now ive just got to produce my ideas and come up with a final piece.

The Jenny Saville book just gave me a further look at my previous idea of the scan in face. By the looks of it she pushes a body up against glass to create a flattend, meat like effect. Which is what i plan to do but with my face.

And the Egon Schiele book gave me a further look into the artists style which i keep finding myself attracted to.

Ive got about 10 different ideas floating around which i will probably work on, but then focus on about 3-5 main ideas.

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  1. Hi Richard - looking forward to seeing how you resolve this thorny issue of representing the self... regarding the portrait essay, make sure you post your idea/intentions by close of Monday, and I'll feedback any advice by close of Tuesday... See you Monday @ 11am :-)