Saturday, 24 October 2009

Unit 2: Space

Now that unit 1 is out the way, lets get started on unit 2. Pretty happy with my film, 'Journey to the centre of the Earth' mainly because i have actually heard of it and have recently seen the remake : ) only bad thing is, tablet drawing in Photoshop, i am yet to experience it, so i will be a bit behind most of you lot. Still should be a very interesing project though. See y'all monday.


  1. ... ah yes, but the inherent difficulty of working from an original text for a film that's been remade (and so recently) is this; how are you going to broach new aesthetic territories, while also honouring the spirit of the original? And so the fun begins...

  2. If you've not seen the original, watch that.. is awesome, and i got the wizard of oz :S so yes very lucky

  3. Journey to the centre of the Earth- its a really good story... good luck with Jules Verne adventure.

    see you monday

    King solomons mines is my subject

  4. I've got the same text as you Richard, and unfortunately, I saw the re-make as well.. what an awful film. Hopefully it won't ruin the book for us.