Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Weekend

I dot not like weekends anymore, they suck. I get no project work done what so ever due to the fact that i am working both saturdays and sundays and i f i do think of an idea, by the time i go to draw it down, i forget it :(

Also im quite excited i now have borrowed the Intuos Tablet from Alan, so i rushed home to use it, well to my girlfreinds house. Quickly downloaded the free trial for PS CS4 and the driver for the tablet and it worked fine, quite happy with myself. But then when it comes to me using it on my own laptop, a whole load of negative. It works fine on the desktop, internet etc. but will not work at all on Photoshop, maybe it because its CS3??? i dont know, just downloading the trial for CS4 now, hopefully it will work.


  1. Hi Richard! Get yourself one of the little pocket-sized sketchbooks from the shop, then whenever you have an idea you can scribble it down...
    Unfortunately weekends pretty much are non-existant when you are doing a degree anyway...I speak from experience! I worked, brought up 2 kids and ran a house while doing mine!! (And I got a First!) get a grip! :)

  2. ..sorry, that sounded harsher than it should have! What I basically meant is that everyone is in the same boat to some extent or another, what with jobs, living away from home, and life in you are not alone!

  3. Some tough love there, Richard! I'm sorry you haven't had a more productive weekend and that you're being stymied by boring hardware/software stuff - always the worst kind of obstacle. Jackie's right about the weekend thing - I did 40 hours a week as a barman during my degree and masters degree, and, in truth, I found the routine quite relaxing; it meant that I couldn't do degree work after 5pm, so whatever was happening, however well or bad things were going, I just had to switch off and pour pints. It also meant I had to make the hours between 7am and 5pm incredibly productive. The trick is not to beat yourself up or suffer when there's nothing you can do about the time-thing - don't mourn time that is being used productively for different reasons; if you need to work to make your creative life happen, than well done and try and see it as 'creative' in its own way... Anyway, Jackie's also right about the mini-sketchbook - it can feel a bit poncy to begin with, but it will soon normal. See you on Monday for some more strange and striking cinema :-)

  4. Hi Richard,

    Get talking to most students and you will get horror stories about mixing finances, work and studying, I wont even begin to give you mine LoL, think of it as a right of passage. Great for life skills as well.