Sunday, 22 November 2009

Approaching The Final Stages

After a long day of writing about a very bland subject, i felt it was neccessary to work on some more creative work. I just put some snow on the volcano and just added some detail into the mountains. The only part of the painting im stuck on now is adding some snow into the res tof the image, mainly the background.

I do think the painting looks much better with snow.


  1. Hey Richard, like the concept so far with its composition and colours. The snow on the volcano helps settle the piece as a whole, though think it could do with some more blending to ease it in better. Perhaps try some adding some little details in the water too such as highlights and reflections, which should help lead the eye round the piece. Hope this helps, look forward to the results!

  2. The light in this image is key - Leo's right that the snow needs to be enmeshed into the world more, though I'm assuming you're 'on this' and will seek to resolve it in time: however, I think there would also be some light hitting the pine trees in the foreground; some of that soft, pinkish light bringing out more of the texture of those trees...

  3. Cheers, Leo and Phil. I am in process of putting more detail into the snow to make it seem more placed on the volcano, instead of just scribbled on. Regarding the highlights in the water i had a quick go but the out come wasnt really any good, it just sort have dulled out in the mist. I didnt think about putting the pinkish light onto the foreground trees, i think that a definate add-on to the painting. Yes i agree that the lighting is key in this painting, i think its what really sets the scene, and also im going to put some quick brush strokes in overlay mode to strike like across the scene.