Thursday, 26 November 2009

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4 days of essay writing is not good for the creativity. Ive been sitting here for hours not being able to produce anything worth while. Im now developing on the mushroom idea, hopefully it will go further.


  1. Hi rich

    i dont if this will help, as i dont know how you want your final piece done, but in my opinion add a source of lighting it gives more depth and and a sense of 3d

    check that out:

  2. Cheers ruben, thats a better pic of what im going for. The other one i had was in a previous post, but id say thats more on the mark.

  3. what is cool with mushrooms, as you can see in your reference pictures, is their curvy shape, which is a good thing to play with when doing the composition...

  4. I found a cool website about the shapes in different mushrooms