Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Doom Forest Of Shrooms

I know i should be starting these concept ideas traditionaly, via a pen and paper, but i thought id make the most out of the tablet whilst i have it and to get to a comfortable stage of using a tablet. I'd say i am now pretty comfortable with manouvering the tablet around windows but still have quite far to go in Photoshop.

This initialy started out with me trying to work out how to set up a nice looking brush, and before i knew it, i found myself sitting there, inticed in trying to turn this scribble into a nice idea for my forest of shrooms.


  1. Why shouldn't you the graphics tablet to work up some thumbnails? Go with the flow, Richard...

  2. The tablet is ideal for thumbnails, it just lacks the portability of a pen and paper. Just use whatever works for you.

    Like the mushroom forest, very moody and atmospheric.