Sunday, 8 November 2009

Essay Update

Down to 2 chosen films, the first Alien or Star Wars a new hope. I got some great books from the library and that are jam packed full of information. The sensible choice would be to go for Alien seeing as we are watching it tommorow and there is always so much to write about it based on the concept work for it due to H.R Gieger.

Although i do love a new hope, it porbably was the film of my childhood. Off the top of my head i would bnot beable to speak about the concept of the film, but with some research im pretty sure there are thousands of pieces of information to talk about.

and just to answer the replys on the recent posts from Sam and Phil. I did realise that it is based in Iceland but whenever i thought about and was reading the book i would see great mexico land scapes and really red skys with giant shadows and beams of light.

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