Monday, 23 November 2009


Let it begin. I have finally started to write my essay, it seems to be hard at first, but its really not. Ive planned out everything i need to write, and already at this early stage im thinking i will need to cut bits and pieces of the essay out before i have even written anything.

Today was quite productive, i handed my essay in and sorted out my blog, ive posted all the bits and bobs ive had lying around my laptop of this unit, its mostly reference and research images but i thought i would stick them up anyway.


  1. Your blog is exuding the kind of composure and level-headedness that makes a tutor's lot a happy one. Good luck with the assignment - enjoy it even - some stylistic tips; try and avoid writing in the first person, which always gives assignments a too personal tone; instead, 'in this essay, I will be looking at...' consider 'The essay will examine...' and instead of 'I think Alien is an evocative film because' try 'Alien is an evocative film because...'

    It bestows a particular assertiveness on the assignment and an objective tone - and it prohibits the kind of colloquial 'pub-talkisms' that sometimes beset these kind of assignments.

  2. I will bare that in mind, im just reaiding though the book i got now just noting down the quotes/interesting points etc. Ive always found that problem with writing essays, i would either switch between 1st and 3rd person, or once i read it over i realise that the person marking the essay would not be reading it in my sense of mind, or the way i want it to be heard.

  3. if it reads 'conversationally', if it feels like you're 'talking' then stylistically, you're 'off message' - it's all about technique and developing a guise or a manner that is appropriate; a good formal style is also good for business letters etc., so it's worth adding it to your professional toolbox; look on the bright side, however - when unit 3 rolls around, it's only one essay and Christmas is in the middle of it... it should be pretty blissful compared to your last five weeks. I've lined up some lovely movies for your next cultural programme - entitled 'The Unhomely Cinema', we're looking at the dark underbelly of the American Dream...