Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Haunting

I really enjoyed this film, got a bit tired and yawny in some parts but i thought it was a really good horror movie for its time. Its really creepy and creates such a drastic mood with no special effects. This is good because now days evvvverything minus a few fiilms use CGI and it can just get a bit plain and boring, its always good to go back to a story that relies soley on its use of good stroytelling and basic camera effects.

To me this style of film reminded me alot of The Others, like Phil said earlier but it also reminded me of The Skeleton key aswell, both films, The Others more so bring a chill down my spine whilst watching them. Going back to what Phil said earlier about this style of movie and the more recent one The Fourth Kind, watching that advert for the movie still brings that same chill down my spine whilst watching it isolated in a room at around 2-3 in the morning, mainly the last clip on the advert.

Going back to The Haunting, i believe it was more of a phsycological horror more than i phsycal one based alot on suggestions rather than physical moements etc, from the beggining i thought that the main character 'Eleanor' was not quite right in the head. I love the way it leaves untold endings aswell (well i hope there supposed to be untold) for example, the whole story about Eleanors mother and why she hates her life and feels as though she has no belonging.

Once looking over the reviews, i have noticed that the original 1963 movie seems to have had a better review compared to the 1999 version. Plus i found out that Theo is actually Bi-sexual, i thought she was supposed to be but there was never any solid evidence. Like i said before about this movie being a suggestive physcological horror, this is what a review form the first movie had to say...

'The shocks that Robert Wise crafts in The Haunting are some of the most sophisticated and finely constructed ever placed on film. Like the best of Lewton, all ghosts in The Haunting take place entirely by suggestion – the cold spots and the phantom dogs are only mentioned by other people but never seen, the doors that close of their own free will only do so when the camera isn’t looking.'

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  1. Oh yes - the predatory 'lesbian' subtext; last time students saw this film this aspect of the plot passed most people by - it's central, however, to the intensity of the relationships; Eleanor fancies the Doctor, Theo has designs on Eleanor, and experiences stabs of jealously - but also contempt, I think, for the mousey Eleanor... I just wish I could get hold of a copy of the movie with a re-master soundtrack, because the talkie scenes are actually rich in ideas and tension, but it's always a struggle to concentrate and keep the energy up when you're battling to hear what's being said. Such a doomy, bleak and sad film - 'At last something is happening - to me' - I know she's shrill and self-centred, but I really feel for Eleanor's character; after all, who hasn't wanted to be singled out and made special?

    Also - one of my favourite things about the movie is Mrs Dudley, the gaunt housekeeper - 'No one will hear you - in the dark' (cue strange, unnerving smile...) Magic!!! :-)