Monday, 30 November 2009

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Great film, I'm really getting interested in these 'oldies', damn you Phil. My friend has also randomly taken an interest in this old genre of films, and has managed to 'acquire' them. I think they are worth checking out. The film today was really good, i really wanted to know how he came to end up in the police station at the beginning. There are some odd scenes, which were quite funny though, (where the hell did the spank come from, why was that needed???) but there was also some great scenes, for example the end scene when he runs down the highway screaming, its just a hunch but it think that definitely an iconic scene of the movie.

The story line was really good for such an old film, i wouldn't have guessed that, that was the way it was all going to pan out, which is always a good surprise. I do think they could have expanded a bit on why everyone wanted to let the pods take over, but none the less another great movie.

Its quite amazing that the American suburban style of aestetics has been so over used in movies, but this style has really done the movie well, it made it seem quite contemporary. I also checked out Disney's celebration land, its spot on that conformed image of happiness in an American town, but I'm quite sure there would be some snide muttering under those smiles.

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