Monday, 30 November 2009

Maya Update

Alan, ignore the previous post. Ive managed to triumph through it during the night. Its rendering now, but i do not want to miss the briefing so i will, come back down and post the rendered image on the blog after. Hope thats ok, sorry its late.

** the first render just finished in time, ill do the second one and the photoshop part after the breif**

Finished : )


  1. Hi Richard

    Way to go! Bit of a close call there? Glad you found that extra hour - Great stuff.

    So, onto the next project...Your Maya work this time. I'm assuming its going to be something CG great - right?

  2. Hi Alan, you could say that, bit too close for comfort. Im glad i finished it though, it looks really simple but nice, and the occlusion just gives it that bit extra. Yeah, its mostly 3D but with a 2D painted back ground. Im quite interested in modelling an interior environment this time, seeing as i never have done before, and have done plenty exterior.