Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Maya Week 1

Finally done, i started it last week but have only just finished it, I was concentrating to much on my concept work. It took far longer than it should have done, Ive been to distracted by MW2 and I havnt ever UV Mapped before. Ill finish off week two's tomorrow. Everything went well except the window and I dont think my UV layout is correct, sorry for the late posting.


  1. oh dear - another victim of the 'MW2' virus... you're not the only student to be showing signs of unit 2 focus fatigue in the light of that particular release - all I can say is no one ever got a first class degree in shoot-em ups...

    They were discussing MW2 on Radio 4 the other morning - the 'shooting dead innocent civilians in an airport' part seems to have got people pretty twitchy... any thoughts on the 'tonality' of the simulated violence here? Is it controversial, or is it just the same old moral panic that always accompanies these sorts of games? I seem to remember Grand Theft Auto coming under fire for gameplay aspect involving shooting prostitutes dead in their cars...

  2. Yeah i think thats been the main focus on the release of the game, theres always been the theory that violence in video games can cause violence in real life, this has been on going for years. I do think that its a bit far, but it is just a game and it affects me in no way what so ever shooting incocent civilians, im not sure what that says about me though :S. But i do think that it is just a moral panic like you said.

  3. ... remember, there's a perilously thin line between being a cool, cutting edge gamer and a white-faced, shoe-staring level 80 basset hound; please stay the right side of it or I will have to turn the dial up on my 'grumpy old sod-o-meter'... I'm joking actually - just :-)