Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Night Of The Hunter

Well what can i say about this, i can certainly say i enjoyed it alot more than any of the other movies we have watched so far. Maybe its just because it had sound, i dont no ,but i found myself being rather intreeged into and following along with the story line. Like Phil was saying earlier, im not sure what genre this movie falls into, but i would definatly say it has a fairy tale-esque feel to it. Especialy at the begining of the movie with all the stars and singing, then towards the end when the kids are on the run.

I think this movie is the first one so far where i have not had a negative thought upon it. In a way it was funny due to the aged acting and the dramatic effects which are being used, which i am sure were very dramtic during the 50's. (especialy the seen with mrs cooper and the gun+the part where he runs away screaming)

I am yet to check out any of the rating and critques of this movie during its release and the modern day, but i certainly will.

If wednesdays movie is anything like todays, im glad to say i am looking forward to it.

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  1. it's a goody! The Haunting's director, Robert Wise, is a truly adaptable director; his films include the original 'The Day The Earth Stood Still', The Sound of Music, and Star Trek - The Motion Picture...