Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Could you please check over the following paragraph, which is part of my essay, im not sure whether im using the harvard method correctly. Im using all the information on this essay from a book form the library, it says that its by Paul Scanlon, Michael Gross and edited by Charles Lippincott, but it does not say who wrote what in the book, and it also does not have page numbers. Shall i count them out started from the first page of writing?

I will start this essay off by giving a brief description of the build up to the pre production and concept stages of Alien (1979). Before i start i will state one sentence to think about after a shaky start to the development of the story. 'Twentieth Century Fox wanted to make sure that the sixteen weeks of principle shooting would only be witnessed by authorised eyes.' (Paul Scanlon, Michael Gross, 1979: pg 01 'The Book of Alien') What Paul Scanlon and Michael Gross, the authors of the book appear to be saying, is that the shooting and set design of the movie was to be kept a great secret from the public, and only people working on the set was allowed to see it. However a pass from the production manager would allow a visitor a glimpse of what was going on inside.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Okay - I'm just working through your questions - see following comments; I've checked on Amazon, and Paul Scanlon is cited as the author, and Michael Goss as illustrator... so quotes should be ascribed to Scanlon...

  2. 1. The Harvard Method

    In the Harvard Method the author's name and the year of publication of the document are
    given in brackets after each reference in the text. Page numbers are also given if a direct
    quotation is given.

    These citations are then linked to a single bibliography at the end of the essay /
    dissertation, comprising both documents referred to in the text and those consulted.

    so, yours would be written as (Scanlon, 1979, p1) - so not the book title... That goes in your bibliography.

  3. ... stylistically, there's an outburst of 'I's' in your opening paragraph; instead, consider a construction like 'As Paul Scanlon observes in 'The Book of Alien', the design of Ridley Scott's Alien was a secret closely guarded by the studio; " 'Twentieth Century Fox wanted to make sure that the sixteen weeks of principle shooting would only be witnessed by authorised eyes.' (Scanlon, 1979: p1). What this makes clear is that...'

  4. Cheers phil, i noticed all of the I's myself and changed them, i now understand the harvard method :) and i will deinatly look into changing around the sentences.