Monday, 2 November 2009

Text Excerpts

I just went over and over my 3 pieces of text again without any distractions and am glad to say i got a few more ideas from them, i highlighted some key points and shall get them jotted down and worked on hopefully tommorow. I understand what you are saying Phil and Jackie, dont worry not too harsh : ) but it just sucks when you have an idea and loose it : ( not to worry though hopefully it will come back.

Some key imagery that came into my head whilst reading the excerpts were...

A wide spread volcanoe, overlooking maybe some icy mountain ground, dense forests or the sea.

Deep Caverns down below the earths crust, full of lava, pointy rock surfaces, low light and different caverns within caverns.

A sea shore, surrounded but multiple cliffs with many water fountains, a 'hazy distant horizon', dense clouds which give of a electricity lightning effect finished off with a different, out of this world mood (lighting).

A mushroom forest of death, full of abnormally large, highly densed mushrooms, dense forest vegetation with a ground of bones.

I think ive got some good ideas going but i doubt its any different from any of the original concept work based on the book and movies.

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