Thursday, 12 November 2009


This is probably the first post ever about theory, its time to stop putting is aside. Can any one please tell me what we have to do for the question, is it just to speak about one random item. and also when is the hand in date?


  1. for the perception essay you will have to research with is the semeology theory, signifier and signified, analise (denotation and conotation) 2 to 3 items and maybe compare them.

    due date 23rd november between 10 and 12

  2. Hi Richard,

    Your essay is all about the application of knowledge to a given case-study; while I can't comment on the precise nature of your perception assignment, I can tell you that first, you will have to show that you have working understanding of the principle tenets of perception - i.e. the theories that have come into play to help explain why/how we derive understanding from signs, symbols and the order of things; you will need to introduce a theory (Gestalt, semiotics, the signifier/the signified etc), and then demonstrate your understanding of it by applying to your chosen case-study - this might be an object or an image; for instance - 'green for go & red for stop' - afterall there is no natural law that says that 'green means go' - green doesn't 'mean' anything - but by discussing how this colour has accrued societal significance, you'll be talking about semiotics in a jiffy! Don't get stung by this, Richard - there is a particular theoretical vocabulary 'out there' that you need to digest and use comfortably;

    check out

    also here

    Don't be a rabbit in the headlights - be a boffin! :-)