Sunday, 22 November 2009


Perception essay done. Im so glad that i am able to say that : )

I dont think it is at a high level of standard due to the fact that i really stuggle to write good essays. But im hoping it will be ok.


  1. congratulations! Now - I know you're sick of it, but just take a few minutes to proof-read to weed out any stooopid typos or the consequences of an over-zealous spellchecker (where the wrong 'right' word is substituted for the 'right' word spelled wrongly). Remember all the guidelines - double-spaced documents etc.. and then, enjoy the warm feeling of knowing that your essay is toast! :-)

  2. Cheers Phil ill give it a good read over. Now i just have the mission of doing the essay for the unit. Its should be a doddle compared to the theory one because i will actauly know what i am talking about. Ive done all the research, got a nice book about Alien, now just have to write it all write it all down.