Monday, 9 November 2009

Thumbnail Ideas

Here's just a few concept ideas ive been working on for my final images. Theres still alot more to come, just thought i might aswell stick these up now.

Volcanoe Landscape:
I really like the idea of showing a volcanoe from my text excerpts because it doesnt actually state that there is a volcanoe, just the volcanic tubes in which they go down in. I just think of a volcanoe when ever i read the chapters. I really like the composition of the bottom one.

Volcanic Tubes:
These are tough to draw, i cannot picture in my head what they are supposed to look like, so i just keep going back to the idea of caves, mining tunnels and badger holes. So far i like the idea of all of them so im not sure which one to go for, but there are still more to come.

Forest of Mushrooms:
This set of drawings have been the most interesting to draw so far our of the text excerpts. I think its becase they are the most unusual. Plus i can play around with a dark gloomy style of drawing, which for some reason i prefer. So far i like the compostion of the top 2 and do not like the bottom one. It was just an idea i needed toget out my head.

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