Monday, 30 November 2009

Thumbnail Sketch 01

On the train home today, i was having a quick flick through the new brief and an idea comes to mind. I'm not sure whether it can be described at tableaux vivant but its still an idea.

Its basically a room with a man sitting on his chair reading his news paper, beside him is a window, and a little cabinet or table with quite a low light source. It will be old fashioned, I'm thinking 1940-50s.

Outside the window there will be a very chaotic, war torn environment, red/orange colours with lots of smoke.

But the inside of the room it will be very peaceful, as if the person did not know or care the war outside is happening on his door step.

Then finally beside the man reading his paper there will be a bomb, smashed through the ceiling, lots of shrapnel/bits of roof everywhere.

Im not sure whether the bomb will be on the ground or caught mid point in the action.


  1. that idea sounds awesome, i think everyone is taking a leaf out of Gregory Crewdson's book... but, Phil said that we wouldn't be able to people because we're using Maya.

  2. Hi Richard.

    Just dropping by to say hello.

    I'm Keith from the second year.

    If you need anything just drop me a post.