Friday, 6 November 2009

Todays Workshop/Tunnel Idea

This is the outcome of todays lesson, before i say anything i will just note that Phil done the sky and the clouds, dont want to be taking credit for that now do i, the idea behind this one is volcanic tubes that gi down deep into the earths crust. This is just a rough idea and a test of colour. I think i got the depth right but do need to work on the lighitng and the colour.

With the top image i was just playing around with colour, depth and atmosphere, i feel as though this scene should be quite damp and gloomy, possibly cold.


  1. wow!! that looks really good and with the lighting looks really realistic

    keep up rich

  2. Very nice work, Richard - though you seem less than convinced? One of Phill's observations about the group is some of the students' reluctance to let the conventions of the graphics tablet, and of painting, to drive the making of imagery; individuals are still trying to 'draw' - doing outlines then colouring in; however, in your image above, I can see you cutting loose, and using a bold, blocking approach... it's paying dividends - so keep it up and don't 'over-think' it.