Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tutorials, Tutorials, Tutorials

I took into account on which simon said during his lecture, i.e the concept design vids and books.

The DVD's are waaaaay too expensive so i found other means of grabbing a copy. They are really good, worth taking a look at, if you need a copy im more than happy to give it to you but it takes around 9 mins to copy over, also Adam and Jack have them so bug them to.

The books on the other hand, they wernt as bad as the DVD's. one of them is £40 so it out of my price range at this minute in time, the Massive Black Volume 1 book, but the other book was only £9 on amazon, Bold Visions The Digital Painting Bible, so i got that one and it came this morning, it was really worth purchasing. It goes through materials, basic technique, design, lighitng, textures and alot more...

I just finished watching one of the Feng Zhu tutorials, it was concept design 2, which basically goes through the importance of thumbnail images and how to create nice looking ones with good perspective using grey marker pens and black finer pens, plus part of the concept design 4 which then takes thumbnail images into Photoshop and paints them digitally.

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