Sunday, 15 November 2009

Work In Progress

Yeah thats right, working on a sunday. This is by far my best painting so far but im still quite fond with my first mushroom forest idea. Its a work in progress so dont be too harsh and give it some time for completion : ) oh and the clour of the water is changing, that was just a colour wash to get rid of the white background.

Taken a bit further into development, i think its starting to actaully look like what im imagining, i suppose thats a good thing.


  1. Hi Richard,

    water reflects like a horizontal mirror, it always remains horizontal so any angle that is off in the reflected image will make the water look as if it is leaning... which we know is unnatural.... the trick is to imgine the reflection.... however I'm pretty sure you could find some reference material to assist in planning the reflection. Ripples also remain on the horizontal plane.

  2. You're beginning to create some evocative atmospheric effects in this image, Richard - I like the 'quality of light'.

  3. Dude that's really great =D It's come a long nicely from last Photoshop technical class.

    Definitely needs a lens flare though man.