Tuesday, 29 December 2009

When are we due back?

I went to check on my uca but my password does not seem to work, possibly because it was due to be changed and i didn't, but I'm not sure???

Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Xmas Peeps

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


For an interior environment, like my hotel room, to model the interior walls and floor, would you create a floor plane and extrude the edges up to create the walls. Or would you model the floor and each wall separately, using planes etc..?

Monday, 21 December 2009

The Invasion

I watched the most recent remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers last night, staring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. Comparing it to the original version you can certainly notice the differences. Sorry to say though, i didn't think it was that bad :S

Of course there will be some bad points, but overall i thought it worked quite well.

The bad points being; the idea of them coughing the disease? if that's what you want to call it, into other peoples faces and the way the change happens.

The idea of the infected/aliens coughing the disease into other humans faces is a bit 21st century if you ask me, what happened to the pods? The whole pandemic of people running down the street chasing people and coughing at people is a bit lame and zombie styled.

The worst part of the movie by far has to be the way the change happens, I'm glad that they picked up on the 'don't get to sleep' part of the film but the fact that change from human to alien happens within the one body does not work for me. The original is called Invasion of the Body Snatchers for a reason. Then there is the way the change happens, its a mucusy cocoon style shell which then peels of to an ordinary looking person.

Although the film did have its good points, I liked the fact that once the change had happened there were people pretending to be like the aliens, my favourite part was on the subway, you knew that something was not right, mainly the women with the bleeding arm and then when the couple decided to commit suicide and a women watching burst out with emotion. Another part i really liked was the way the aliens stared at the humans, it was really creepy, especially when a surveyor came the Nicole Kidmans door.

Overall i did like the movie, but i think if i had not seen the original i would have liked it allot more, not knowing what was going to happen and what should have happened.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Any One Help???

So Ive gone to do some concept art for my scene idea but my brushes are not working. In the brush editor window, Ive ticked on the pen pressure and the diagram showing the preview of the brush says that its okay, but when it comes to drawing with it, it just does not work. Any ideas on why???

Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow : (

Doesn't look like I'm going to make it in tomorrow if the weather stays like this. If it is open, and people manage to make it in, would people be able to tell me would i missed. Would be great.
I still might be able to make it though.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Camera Rigs

Heres the two camera rigs that we have been asked to do. I just done the thirds and diagonals one, very simple and didnt take long at all which is always a bonus, and managed to take a print screen of the prevoious camera rig.

Pirtates Cove Final

Ive finally finished the Pirates Cove, took longer than expected, lots of distractions in the room, but then again it is Maya so it should be expected. Overall im happy with the outcome, the only part im not too fond of is the rust on the barrel.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Digital Concept 02

Here's the concept work which accompanies the post below. The picture hanging on the wall in the left hand side of the image will be a picture of my final scene, creating the Droste effect, and the mirror on the dresser will be reflecting a slightly open door on the opposite wall which the viewer can not see.

Just realised, the carpet form The Shining could be the carpet in my scene, instead of a rug. Ill have that nice orange, brown and red carpet with the rest of the room quite plain, maybe shades of cream and a mahogany dresser.


After some feed back from Phil on the interim, it really got me thinking about my design as a whole and what i initially imagined, Ive gone back to the original thumbnail but with a tad more development and detail. Ive decided on simplifying the scene by cropping in on the main focus point which is the mirror. As Phil mentioned there was allot more potential within the mirror that i was just not using.

Of course this means i will not be able to include any other detail of the room, like the carpet from The Shining, the messy off tilt picture frames and possibly my knocked over lamp which was the light source of the room. By taking out a large portion of the room and focusing on the mirror i think it will work for the better of the scene, the person viewing the scene will be forced to look at the mirror and acknowledge its open wardrobe in its reflection.

This then takes me onto the wardrobe, after the feed back i decided that the wardrobe was in the wrong place in the room, which effectibly was taking away all of its ambiguity because it was not clear enough that it was an open cupboard, plus i think it will look better from the front on perspective.

Im just working on some concept images now, should be posting them soon.


Very hard to understand at first, but i soon got there. Its very similar to the Droste effect so at first i saw no difference what so ever, i went on to read the following paragraph from wikipedia (i felt it was ok to use on reference) : ) so here it is, maybe it will help you understand it a bit better.

'Mise en abyme (also mise en abîme) has several meanings in the realm of the creative arts and literary theory. The term is originally from the French and means, "placing into infinity" or "placing into the abyss". The commonplace usage of this phrase is describing the visual experience of standing between two mirrors, seeing an infinite reproduction of one's image.'

Basically its a picture between two mirrors which carries on to infinity, well until it runs out of pixel space.

I fully understand how it works but i think it will be to complex to work in my scene.
Regarding the rug design from the shining i was not sure i was able to use it due to the fact that i have just copied it straight from the movie, but I'm not sure what it is about the design of it against the plain wall, i just think it works well and goes with my time period.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Digital Concept 01

This is my first digital sketch for this project, its hard trying to draw an interior environment seeing as all my other digital paintings have only been exterior environments. This ones basically my thumbnail sketches in a digital form.

Ive tried to show some sort of light source coming in from around the corner, didn't work to well on a black and white sketch though.


Halloween, the well known slasher style horror is pure genius on Carpenter's behalf, There is nothing like a nice classic horror to get your nerves running, re-watching this movie today was a nice thrill. Ive recently watched the remake by Rob Zombie and it is unanimously agreed that the original is ten times more thrilling and scary.

The film is built up on the suspense and tension of knowing that something very bad is going to happen to the characters being followed, with the main character Michael Myers soon behind it all.

This film uses so many different techniques of cinematography which makes this a truly great movie. During the beginning of the film the entire opening scene which sets the plot of the movie is viewed from the first person perspective, creating a 'peeping tom' style of view as reviewed by Tim Dirks (http://www.filmsite.org/hall.html).

Once Michael Myers has found his person of interest, which during the film is never explained why, he starts to follow them around town in a very slow pace. This is slowly building up suspense and tension for an eventual meeting between Michael and his prey. Whilst the camera follows Michael around town his head is always cropped off making the viewer really wonder what he looks like.

Going back to the story of the film, there is a great lack of information (which is soon explained in is sequels) which in my opinion makes the movie brilliant due to its suggestion and lack of story, less is more in the case of this great horror movie. This is later ruined in Rob Zombies remake which focuses on the story behind why Michael is the way he is.

The acting in the film is a bit poor at times, which is mainly due to the teenagers, we can not blame Michael seeing as he does not speak the whole film, but he walking..and walking...and walking could be worked on a bit, then again by doing this it could ruin the suspense and tension which leaves the viewers on the edge of there seats awaiting a thrill.

If a great horror movie is built up on suspense, a slow pace, a mask, teenage jocks/cheerleaders and makes you jump, then Halloween ticks all the boxes. Its a great movie which is then slowly ruined due to its numerous sequels/remakes which is definitely worth going back to and watching over again.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Further Development

I've been thinking allot about the cropping and frame size of my scene. I know that the cropping of an image has a great effect on the overall look of an image, so Ive been thinking about how i want my hotel room to be seen.

Ive thought about going for the wide screen view, but soon realised it would not work well for a cramped interior environment. With the idea in mind that my hotel room would have a small tight hallway leading your eye towards the main room, i decided to try out a portrait view to create a more vertical effect which would allow the camera to be placed in a first person point of view. As if to show that a person was walking through the door.

Ive decided on having a really bright eye catching rug which will lead the eye down the hallway into the main room, whilst the rest of the room will be very plain.

The Droste Effect. I'm still very keen on including this effect in my final shot, I'm thinking it should be on the wall to the right of the person walking through the door, i do not want it to be the main focus in the shot, but i want it there to be noticed, maybe after the person is done viewing the rest of the room.

The lighting in my scene is very important, the wrong choice of lighting will bring across an entirely new feel and mood to the room. Ive thought about so many different light sources and have rounded it down to 2 possibilities. I'm either going to have a dingle lamp on the floor lighting the room, to create a dark but warm feel, or i am going to have some sort of unnatural light source coming in form the part of the room which you can not see. Gregory Crewsdon inspired.

Pirate Cove - Progress 02

I've just finished texturing the barrel, i think all i have to do now is the chest and then stitch the background to the forground in Photoshop. Looking good so far.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Unanny Architecture - Jewish Museum

Again, I've been doing some research into uncanny architecture, but this time remembered back to a subject we looked at during our theory lectures, the Jewish museum in Berlin. I believe this museum was built to remember the lives of all Jew's during the holocaust, I'm not entirely sure though, i will research further into the subject. You can see why the building is uncanny from the images below, it sure does relate to the holocaust and the life of the Jews during it. To me, it gives off the feeling of emptiness, cold and unhappiness.

Uncanny Lamps

I've just been doing some research into uncanny architecture and stumbled across these artists expression of the uncanny in a home. The artist behind this idea is Gitta Gschwendtner. They started of as part of an exhibition based on uncanny rooms, then went on to further develop to be what they are now.

The first image appealed most to me at first, i thought it looks quite creep, especially with it being named 'Crawler', i can imagine it in movement crawling right up the wall. I don't feel as though there is as much of an uncanny feel as the first image, but the third on definitely does. The third image is named 'Time Out For You' which in my opinion is quite appropriately named, the image to me brings across a feeling of abandonment and loneliness.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Camera Rig

Done it the other day after lecture but didn't take the print screen. All went well though, nice, simple and back on the PDF's. In the long run its definitely worth creating, imagine rigging one up each project.

Rule Of Thirds

I think i have always been sub consciously aware of this rule, when it comes to taking the final shot for a project, I've taken extra attention to achieving the best shot. Of course I've had no rule for this before and now i do : )

I've had a look a some reference material for this rule, i tried it on the opening credits for the latest Xmen film, Wolverine. As you can see it applies...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Droste Effect

I was speaking to Phil the other day about my project and i mentioned how i was going to use Jeff Wall's influence on my scene. The idea was to recreate his idea of the destroyed room in my scene, i would do this by creating a hotel room but then showing the scenes surroundings and struts which would hold up the walls.

The simple explanation would be that initially the viewer would see a room, but then realise its not a room, its a stage set made out to look like a room and so on and so on...

Its like stages that go deeper and deeper in, a good way to explain this would be to show some exaples, see the images below.

I believe this is the first image the show the Droste effect, which explains why its named the Droste effect.

This image shows the album cover of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma vinyl, it pretty much shows how i might use this effect in my scene, i will place an image of the scene in one of the picture frames in my hotel scene.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Stepford Wives

I could not live in that town, even when i was sitting there during the movie it was annoying me. Just the thought of everybody being so 'goody goody' annoys me so much. The first half hour or so was extremely boring, but i suppose without that first section of the movie there would be no build up to the main plot and twist towards the end of the movie.

When the story started to build some pace, it actually turned out to be quite good. I was convinced that the sheriff was dodgy from the beginning, but i thought he would have had a much larger role in the storyline and i was just waiting for that old fashioned out of place mansion to come back into play.

To me, probably the most positive point to make about the film, would be the fact that i found it so hard to work out the storyline and all the twists. Even when the women in the garden started to malfunction due to the alcohol, or at least that's what i thought happened.

The style and 'feel' changed so much during the movie, it really kept you on your feet trying to understand the story, if any one fell asleep during the more horror style scene, i expect they would have thought it was a completely different movie.

If you overlook the boring beginning of the movie, it was in fact very good, it was funny in allot of places, for example the mention of black people in Stepford, it was also tense and it had a great storyline.


Out of all the movies we have seen so far, this one was definitley the most helpfull for me. Seeing as my ideas ive been creating for the tableaux vivant/uncanny scene have pretty much been based inside some sort of building, for example the hotel room, with this old fashioned style of interior design. Its really helped me gather ideas for some designs on layout/props.

I forgot to ask after the movie, but would it be possible Phil, if it would be possible if i could borrow your copy of the movie. I remember there being a lamp shade, shelfing and table units i quite fancied.

Back to the movie now. It was good, at first i wonderd why they made the movie in black anbd white knwoing that they had the ability to make it in colour. But now i sort of understand, the movie would not have the same feel and effect that the movie brings across if it was to be in colour, i think all of the colours in the surrounding environment would drag away from the focus of the character and story.

That women was truely a cracker, they way she fazed out and just had that glazed look across her eyes during the whole movie mad it very tense, and the speed of the whole movie does not help at all, your just waiting for something to happen. Then when it did, it would be so unexpected, you can not help but jump.

I thought her apartment was getting bigger and more spacious, but i just thought i was imagining things. Im glad you cleared that up at the end Phil. Also the slightly off perspective works brilliantly in this movie, i will try and apply this to my scene.

Another great movie.

Hallway Idea

Ive had this idea lurking around in my head since i started my hotel idea. I thought about what would be on the other side of the hotel room door and what the hotel would look. I always pictured it being a overly long corridor/hall way built up on red and beige colours. Phil then advised me the look at The Shining, which is exactly what i am looking for and imagining, it even applies for my hotel room idea, the interior design is spot on.

The basic idea would be...a really long hall way with an open door at the end, in front of that door would be the silhouette of a person standing there, with a strong light source behind them, like the 1 point lighting tutorial we done in unit 1, i would want it to portray a very unnatural feel to the image. The scene would be very Gregory Crewsdon 'Twilight' inspired.

**Just saw Rubens post, sorry if im imposing on your idea.**

Monday, 7 December 2009

Hotel Room Development

Im not sure which way to go with my idea now. Ive got two ideas floating aorund in my head for this hotel room idea.

Its either going to be very real, as if it was a still from a scene in a movie, when a person walks into a room and wonders what is around the corner.

Or I want to take into into a Jeff Wall styled piece and completely change the whole idea of the shot. With this idea i would have the design of the room stay the same, but instead of there being a complete room around the corner, there would be a stage set with photographers, camera rigs, lights etc. which would be visible from the mirror and the side of the wardrobe.

But this means that i would not be able to use my TV idea, where the mirror is replaced by a TV with no signal, which is the main light source for the room.

I dont know which one will work better for the brief or the idea of the room. Any Suggestions???

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Paranormal Activity

I went to see this movie at the cinemas last night, its really good and different. But i couldn't help but continuously review and criticise the movie all the way through. I think this is just a force of habit which will probably stay with me for quite some time now since the start of the course. I would advise going to see it, its follows the style of the original Haunting where the story was built on suggestion, well until you see video footage. It hardly tells you any of the storyline but thetas the brilliance of it. Only bad part is, that if you cut out all the footage of them talking and arguing that you do not need to see, the movie would probably be 10-20 mins long. None the less, another great movie.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Hotel Development Scribbles

Just some scribbles for my hotel idea.

Pirate Cove - Progress

This is my out come of the day. Its pretty interesting learning how to texture properly, i will definitely want to venture further into the realm. Its amazing how a simple model can be transformed into something quite amazing with simple shaders and textures.

Quick Hotel Room Mock Up

Heres just a quick mock up in Maya of my hotel room idea. Its just one of those ideas i had running thorugh my head, i like the basic layout for it (the wall space/wardrobe), but im going to further development the objects in the room.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Thumbnail Sketch 02 - Development

Going back to a previous idea i had. I thought about having a room of some sort, which is now decided on being a hotel room, which will be roughed up a bit. I want to set the scene as being quite dark and mysterious, sort of as though something has just happened in the room, but what ????

Ive done some google-ing on hotel rooms and this is sort of what I'm going for. Something quite plain, out dated but still used in the modern day. Of course all of these rooms look neat, they should seeing as they are in a hotel, but in my room I'm thinking otherwise.

I'm not sure on what will be in the shot for my room but the bed will be roughed up, pictures/ mirrors on the wall will be tilted possibly smashed, lamps will be on the floor and cupboards/draws will be open.

I'm also thinking maybe the TV could be switched on but with a lost signal, leaving the only light source in the room that black and white fuzzy grain.

I'm trying to think of reasons upon why the room will be messed up, i can reel off ideas, but i think, if I'm not sure about why the room will be like this, then why would other people, allowing the image to work as a tableau vivant.

I'm also thinking some sort of shadow should be in the shot, which would bring back the idea of whats around the corner?