Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Artists Of Inspiration

Since Monday's lecture I've found myself very intrigued by a selection of artists shown to us, its pretty much all of them but that's not the point. I was trying to sleep last night and all i could think about was paintings from Edward Hopper and photographs from Gregory Crewsdon and how they would influence my ideas.

These artists include; Anna Gaskell, Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Edgar Degas, Russel Sorgi, Edward Hopper and Gregory Crewsdon.

This photograph by Anna Gaskell, to me, feels really creepy and eerie. Its they way the viewer is not sure about whats happening in the image which creates such a drastic effect. The tall ceilings and deep shadows really sets that mood. It really makes you wonder whats happening around the rest of the image. Then the hair in the top left corner is just the cherry on the cake, why is it there? and how did it get there? Like Phil was saying, it just brings across that Chinese horror movie effect.

This photograph by Deborah Mesa-Pelly has really inspired me on gathering ideas, i love the way you cannot see the left and right sides of the image, leading your eye through the middle. I also like the way you cannot see the person in the photograph, just a snippet of her head, hand and knees. It just makes you wonder upon why she is there and what her facial expression will be.

This painting by Edgar Degas only effects me in one way. As you will all know its the cropping. I really could not care less about the ballet dancers, its just the way the Dallas has cropped the image which creates movement and action. For such an old painting it definitely has that act of movement which will always be contemporary. Ill be using this in my ideas for sure.

This photograph by Russel Sorgi is most surely making an appearance in my thoughts for ideas. Its not the idea of a definite death in the photograph, its more the idea of and un-awareness of death. Its the way the people in the coffee shop has no idea what is happening, but the viewer of the photograph does. I will definitely be playing on this idea.

This artist, Edward Hopper has definitely has the most influence on my thoughts. From these paintings, i love the idea of the interior environment looking out to an exterior and vice versa, but focusing on the interior. The idea of knowing the middle part of somebodies story/life kind of relates to me. Seeing as i work on the check outs in Tesco, I've heard some of the most profound stories over the two years, they come into my life for about 2-5 minutes, but within this short space of time there will be a story to be told, no beginning and no end. Since Monday i find all my ideas relating to his work in one way or another, they seem to all be in rooms which could be at a hotel or in some area of living.

This then take me onto Gregory Crewsdon and his Twilight series of photographs. What i like about these photographs is that Crewsdon takes such an ordinary setting and turns it into something quite extraordinary. Again most of the photographs that i like the most and i feel could relate to my work are interior shots. Its the way he uses windows the create that feeling of un-knowing and the feeling of the viewer wanting to know. Its just makes you think, what are they looking at? why are they looking at it? is it there choice to look at it etc. The image that i most like from this selection would be the top one, its the use of the window being in the first person perspective which gives that sense of looking, allowing there to be another person in the set, without there physically being one there. Then to finish it off, he uses a strong sense of lighting to create that unnatural effect, possibly alien.


  1. Hi Richard - am loving your enthusiasm and engagement - but a clarification - its Edgar Degas.... I'll post more soon.

  2. my bad, thats the second time ive done that. for some reaosn when ever i say Edgar Degas i think of dallas from alien.