Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Digital Concept 02

Here's the concept work which accompanies the post below. The picture hanging on the wall in the left hand side of the image will be a picture of my final scene, creating the Droste effect, and the mirror on the dresser will be reflecting a slightly open door on the opposite wall which the viewer can not see.

Just realised, the carpet form The Shining could be the carpet in my scene, instead of a rug. Ill have that nice orange, brown and red carpet with the rest of the room quite plain, maybe shades of cream and a mahogany dresser.


  1. Hi Rich - I want you to embrace the 'widescreen' ratio - I think it will work to your advantage - it might mean that you 'squeeze' the view into the far left or far right of the scene - you could use some kind of 'unsettling' wallpaper on the long wall (the shining carpet perhaps?). Just suggestions, but think of the John Carpenter effect as seen in Halloween - anyway, have a go?

  2. Hey Phil, i had a go at some concept sketches in the widescreen ratio earlier on but was going no where, after ive drawn this one though i can now see how it will work, ill put all the information needed in the far right side (the image above) an ill leave the rest quite plain and as you say unsettling.