Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Droste Effect

I was speaking to Phil the other day about my project and i mentioned how i was going to use Jeff Wall's influence on my scene. The idea was to recreate his idea of the destroyed room in my scene, i would do this by creating a hotel room but then showing the scenes surroundings and struts which would hold up the walls.

The simple explanation would be that initially the viewer would see a room, but then realise its not a room, its a stage set made out to look like a room and so on and so on...

Its like stages that go deeper and deeper in, a good way to explain this would be to show some exaples, see the images below.

I believe this is the first image the show the Droste effect, which explains why its named the Droste effect.

This image shows the album cover of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma vinyl, it pretty much shows how i might use this effect in my scene, i will place an image of the scene in one of the picture frames in my hotel scene.

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