Monday, 14 December 2009

Further Development

I've been thinking allot about the cropping and frame size of my scene. I know that the cropping of an image has a great effect on the overall look of an image, so Ive been thinking about how i want my hotel room to be seen.

Ive thought about going for the wide screen view, but soon realised it would not work well for a cramped interior environment. With the idea in mind that my hotel room would have a small tight hallway leading your eye towards the main room, i decided to try out a portrait view to create a more vertical effect which would allow the camera to be placed in a first person point of view. As if to show that a person was walking through the door.

Ive decided on having a really bright eye catching rug which will lead the eye down the hallway into the main room, whilst the rest of the room will be very plain.

The Droste Effect. I'm still very keen on including this effect in my final shot, I'm thinking it should be on the wall to the right of the person walking through the door, i do not want it to be the main focus in the shot, but i want it there to be noticed, maybe after the person is done viewing the rest of the room.

The lighting in my scene is very important, the wrong choice of lighting will bring across an entirely new feel and mood to the room. Ive thought about so many different light sources and have rounded it down to 2 possibilities. I'm either going to have a dingle lamp on the floor lighting the room, to create a dark but warm feel, or i am going to have some sort of unnatural light source coming in form the part of the room which you can not see. Gregory Crewsdon inspired.

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