Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Halloween, the well known slasher style horror is pure genius on Carpenter's behalf, There is nothing like a nice classic horror to get your nerves running, re-watching this movie today was a nice thrill. Ive recently watched the remake by Rob Zombie and it is unanimously agreed that the original is ten times more thrilling and scary.

The film is built up on the suspense and tension of knowing that something very bad is going to happen to the characters being followed, with the main character Michael Myers soon behind it all.

This film uses so many different techniques of cinematography which makes this a truly great movie. During the beginning of the film the entire opening scene which sets the plot of the movie is viewed from the first person perspective, creating a 'peeping tom' style of view as reviewed by Tim Dirks (http://www.filmsite.org/hall.html).

Once Michael Myers has found his person of interest, which during the film is never explained why, he starts to follow them around town in a very slow pace. This is slowly building up suspense and tension for an eventual meeting between Michael and his prey. Whilst the camera follows Michael around town his head is always cropped off making the viewer really wonder what he looks like.

Going back to the story of the film, there is a great lack of information (which is soon explained in is sequels) which in my opinion makes the movie brilliant due to its suggestion and lack of story, less is more in the case of this great horror movie. This is later ruined in Rob Zombies remake which focuses on the story behind why Michael is the way he is.

The acting in the film is a bit poor at times, which is mainly due to the teenagers, we can not blame Michael seeing as he does not speak the whole film, but he walking..and walking...and walking could be worked on a bit, then again by doing this it could ruin the suspense and tension which leaves the viewers on the edge of there seats awaiting a thrill.

If a great horror movie is built up on suspense, a slow pace, a mask, teenage jocks/cheerleaders and makes you jump, then Halloween ticks all the boxes. Its a great movie which is then slowly ruined due to its numerous sequels/remakes which is definitely worth going back to and watching over again.

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