Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hallway Idea

Ive had this idea lurking around in my head since i started my hotel idea. I thought about what would be on the other side of the hotel room door and what the hotel would look. I always pictured it being a overly long corridor/hall way built up on red and beige colours. Phil then advised me the look at The Shining, which is exactly what i am looking for and imagining, it even applies for my hotel room idea, the interior design is spot on.

The basic idea would be...a really long hall way with an open door at the end, in front of that door would be the silhouette of a person standing there, with a strong light source behind them, like the 1 point lighting tutorial we done in unit 1, i would want it to portray a very unnatural feel to the image. The scene would be very Gregory Crewsdon 'Twilight' inspired.

**Just saw Rubens post, sorry if im imposing on your idea.**


  1. Maybe you already know this but the pattern on the hallway floor in The Shining is a Native American pattern. There are lots of references to stuff like ancient Indian burial grounds throughout the hotel. :)

  2. your not rich, while you leading with hotels i'm going to the world of mental hospitals, the ambiguity that lays behind each door.

    keep it up

  3. anyway corridors exist in any place so wont be difficult to have more people with hallways. :)

  4. also, its a picture on my blog, witha silhouted person down the hallway, check it out , may be helpful.