Monday, 7 December 2009

Hotel Room Development

Im not sure which way to go with my idea now. Ive got two ideas floating aorund in my head for this hotel room idea.

Its either going to be very real, as if it was a still from a scene in a movie, when a person walks into a room and wonders what is around the corner.

Or I want to take into into a Jeff Wall styled piece and completely change the whole idea of the shot. With this idea i would have the design of the room stay the same, but instead of there being a complete room around the corner, there would be a stage set with photographers, camera rigs, lights etc. which would be visible from the mirror and the side of the wardrobe.

But this means that i would not be able to use my TV idea, where the mirror is replaced by a TV with no signal, which is the main light source for the room.

I dont know which one will work better for the brief or the idea of the room. Any Suggestions???


  1. Hi Richard, I have found that the glass on TV screens often give a distorted reflection of the surrounding area, even if it is on and only showing static. Just thought.

  2. Can I suggest you find a moment to watch Kubrick's The Shining - the way the hotel is shot - flat, florescent lighting, geometric carpet - is wonderfully 'clammy'... Regarding your specific ideas, why not try working out a bit of 'back story' to help drive the design for the scene; for instance, who was the guest (or who is doing the 'looking'). What if it was a hotel hosting a clown convention, or sado-masochist group booking, or a magician's convention - what sort of things would they leave behind; what sort of mess would they leave? The 'wrong' object in the perfect place can set narratives spiraling nicely...

  3. Its funny you say that, I have heard a lot about the shining before, well everyone must have seen the 'heeeeeeres johnny' scene, but it was only last week or so that I have actually watched it, I think it was I ITV. But I hadn’t actually thought about looking at that, even when you mentioned the twins. I definitely will place an object in the scene. I also thought about writing or planning a story for the scene, but then I remembered it how the audience perceives it is what matters, they may think of a completely different idea to me.