Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Invaders From Mars

Funniest movie yet. It was good but in that really bad and tacky way. I think the martians in the pajamas said it all, but then was topped with there leader, if you can call it that, in the fish bowl being carried around by his slaves. Im sure this was a really amazing film in its prime but watching it today, it was just more funny than interesting.

It was completely different from the movie yesterday in the obvious way that they are showing you what the aliens look like and there was actualy a space ship in the movie. I dont think this worked as well as the movie yesterday, i think its down the the movie yesterday being more about why the aliens are there and the was more suggestion over action in the movie, which i think works far more in the older movies.

You can surely tell that this is the grandad of all those epic sci-fi movies to come.

The acting was really bad, but i suppose this is expected from a movie of its time. The funny thing is though, the special effects actualy wernt that bad, they definatly make up for the poor acting.

Im not really sure what else i have to say about this film really, its just one of those movies i suppose, its not amazing watching it in a modern time, but when the movie was released im sure it was a hit.


  1. tbh i quite liked the effect of the guy in the fish bowl, its the only thing that actually ticked a box effect-wise lol

  2. 'Return of the Invasion of the Body-Snatchers' - see below for snippets from the three remakes - and, if you have time, give them a go - the 1993 version is often overlooked...