Monday, 21 December 2009

The Invasion

I watched the most recent remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers last night, staring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. Comparing it to the original version you can certainly notice the differences. Sorry to say though, i didn't think it was that bad :S

Of course there will be some bad points, but overall i thought it worked quite well.

The bad points being; the idea of them coughing the disease? if that's what you want to call it, into other peoples faces and the way the change happens.

The idea of the infected/aliens coughing the disease into other humans faces is a bit 21st century if you ask me, what happened to the pods? The whole pandemic of people running down the street chasing people and coughing at people is a bit lame and zombie styled.

The worst part of the movie by far has to be the way the change happens, I'm glad that they picked up on the 'don't get to sleep' part of the film but the fact that change from human to alien happens within the one body does not work for me. The original is called Invasion of the Body Snatchers for a reason. Then there is the way the change happens, its a mucusy cocoon style shell which then peels of to an ordinary looking person.

Although the film did have its good points, I liked the fact that once the change had happened there were people pretending to be like the aliens, my favourite part was on the subway, you knew that something was not right, mainly the women with the bleeding arm and then when the couple decided to commit suicide and a women watching burst out with emotion. Another part i really liked was the way the aliens stared at the humans, it was really creepy, especially when a surveyor came the Nicole Kidmans door.

Overall i did like the movie, but i think if i had not seen the original i would have liked it allot more, not knowing what was going to happen and what should have happened.

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  1. Evening Rich - okay, you should definitely give the other versions a go - the Philip Kaufman 1978 version, and Body-Snatchers (1993) directed by Abel Ferrara - infamous director of 'Driller Killer' and 'Bad Lieutenant' - and watch for the chilling monologue by Meg Tilly - "There's no one like you left..."