Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Out of all the movies we have seen so far, this one was definitley the most helpfull for me. Seeing as my ideas ive been creating for the tableaux vivant/uncanny scene have pretty much been based inside some sort of building, for example the hotel room, with this old fashioned style of interior design. Its really helped me gather ideas for some designs on layout/props.

I forgot to ask after the movie, but would it be possible Phil, if it would be possible if i could borrow your copy of the movie. I remember there being a lamp shade, shelfing and table units i quite fancied.

Back to the movie now. It was good, at first i wonderd why they made the movie in black anbd white knwoing that they had the ability to make it in colour. But now i sort of understand, the movie would not have the same feel and effect that the movie brings across if it was to be in colour, i think all of the colours in the surrounding environment would drag away from the focus of the character and story.

That women was truely a cracker, they way she fazed out and just had that glazed look across her eyes during the whole movie mad it very tense, and the speed of the whole movie does not help at all, your just waiting for something to happen. Then when it did, it would be so unexpected, you can not help but jump.

I thought her apartment was getting bigger and more spacious, but i just thought i was imagining things. Im glad you cleared that up at the end Phil. Also the slightly off perspective works brilliantly in this movie, i will try and apply this to my scene.

Another great movie.


  1. Morning Rich, Bob's got my copy of Repulsion - so go chase him for it, but I suggest you have look at Polanski's other 'apartment' movies - we've got them in the office - come and get them today - and I'm pleased you enjoyed the film - many people didn't! :-)

  2. Two famous scenes from The Shining - a nasty corridor encounter and a 'Hopper-meets-David Lynch' glimpse through an open door...



  3. Evening Rich,

    Okay - to recap - check out 'the Droste Effect' as perhaps an alternative for 'talking about constructed realities'... for a specific example see:


  4. Cheers phil, if only the project was to create a story board style piece of work. I remembered where i had seen the Droste Effect before, it was on one of my nans old vinyls, the pink floyd ummagumma one. I will definitley use the effect in one of the picture frames on the wall in my scene.