Wednesday, 16 December 2009


After some feed back from Phil on the interim, it really got me thinking about my design as a whole and what i initially imagined, Ive gone back to the original thumbnail but with a tad more development and detail. Ive decided on simplifying the scene by cropping in on the main focus point which is the mirror. As Phil mentioned there was allot more potential within the mirror that i was just not using.

Of course this means i will not be able to include any other detail of the room, like the carpet from The Shining, the messy off tilt picture frames and possibly my knocked over lamp which was the light source of the room. By taking out a large portion of the room and focusing on the mirror i think it will work for the better of the scene, the person viewing the scene will be forced to look at the mirror and acknowledge its open wardrobe in its reflection.

This then takes me onto the wardrobe, after the feed back i decided that the wardrobe was in the wrong place in the room, which effectibly was taking away all of its ambiguity because it was not clear enough that it was an open cupboard, plus i think it will look better from the front on perspective.

Im just working on some concept images now, should be posting them soon.

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  1. good stuff - but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater - there maybe a 'hybrid' design encompassing the best of all your ideas?