Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Stepford Wives

I could not live in that town, even when i was sitting there during the movie it was annoying me. Just the thought of everybody being so 'goody goody' annoys me so much. The first half hour or so was extremely boring, but i suppose without that first section of the movie there would be no build up to the main plot and twist towards the end of the movie.

When the story started to build some pace, it actually turned out to be quite good. I was convinced that the sheriff was dodgy from the beginning, but i thought he would have had a much larger role in the storyline and i was just waiting for that old fashioned out of place mansion to come back into play.

To me, probably the most positive point to make about the film, would be the fact that i found it so hard to work out the storyline and all the twists. Even when the women in the garden started to malfunction due to the alcohol, or at least that's what i thought happened.

The style and 'feel' changed so much during the movie, it really kept you on your feet trying to understand the story, if any one fell asleep during the more horror style scene, i expect they would have thought it was a completely different movie.

If you overlook the boring beginning of the movie, it was in fact very good, it was funny in allot of places, for example the mention of black people in Stepford, it was also tense and it had a great storyline.

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  1. Hey Rich, I want to encourage you to bolster your observations with some reviews and contrasting opinions etc. - I'm trying to get you and your classmates to be more objective and journalistic when you experience films - to acquire a critical eye than can glean insight and info from films that would otherwise go unnoticed, unfinished or under-examined. I'm not ordering you to do some comparative, reading around the subject stuff, but it's an excellent habit to get - because it's the same inquisitiveness and awareness of the continuum of ideas that is expected of you in all your assignments - and it's the one thing no one seems to do without a bit of chivvying - remember sites like metacritic and rotten tomatoes for loads of easy access critical commentary - it was what was missing from your Alien assignment - content/context/critique

    for instance see


    A good review will have lots of additional ideas/speculations that can power a really good debate and enrich your own appreciation - even for films/experiences you didn't personally find satisfying...