Thursday, 3 December 2009

Thumbnail Sketch 02 - Development

Going back to a previous idea i had. I thought about having a room of some sort, which is now decided on being a hotel room, which will be roughed up a bit. I want to set the scene as being quite dark and mysterious, sort of as though something has just happened in the room, but what ????

Ive done some google-ing on hotel rooms and this is sort of what I'm going for. Something quite plain, out dated but still used in the modern day. Of course all of these rooms look neat, they should seeing as they are in a hotel, but in my room I'm thinking otherwise.

I'm not sure on what will be in the shot for my room but the bed will be roughed up, pictures/ mirrors on the wall will be tilted possibly smashed, lamps will be on the floor and cupboards/draws will be open.

I'm also thinking maybe the TV could be switched on but with a lost signal, leaving the only light source in the room that black and white fuzzy grain.

I'm trying to think of reasons upon why the room will be messed up, i can reel off ideas, but i think, if I'm not sure about why the room will be like this, then why would other people, allowing the image to work as a tableau vivant.

I'm also thinking some sort of shadow should be in the shot, which would bring back the idea of whats around the corner?

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