Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Uncanny/Unheimlich

That was definitely the most 'lecturey' lecture we have had so far. I would say that was the most nightmare-ish lecture i could ever imagine, just the idea of learning about a word i have heard of but never understood. Ive been able to use it in sentences but Ive never truly understood the meaning behind the word. And now i do : )

Don't worry though Phil, the lecture was not a nightmare at all, it was quite interesting and you pulled it off with out confusing me which is all ways a good thing on my end. The only example i can think of being 'uncanny' in my life would be my house. Its not an old spooky house at all, its the idea of the silence and emptiness within it at night. I remember it occurring last week at night around about 3ish in the morning, every one is fast asleep in bed up stairs, all the lights are switched off, leaving the only light source in the house the brightness from the TV, and there is just me lying there watching TV, every so often quickly turning around thinking i saw something move or i heard something behind me. Ive lived in this house for around 14 years, so i know it like the back of my hand, but there always that level of spookiness at night,sort of like the empty street idea.

I think this has given me the subject for my essay, or at least i hope it has. I'm not entirely sure how to apply the uncanny theory to an object, painting, film, TV series etc.


  1. watch 'the birds', i just did and i understand how to apply it now lol!

    yeah that is strange isnt it, almost like time has stopped. I will post some more of my experiences up lol.

  2. Oh no - 'lecture-rey'... pleased I didn't bore you to death - the 'unheimlich' is a delicate idea to give away - an exquisite unease that is easily vulgarised into horror or fear; not all the movies I'm going to show tread this line, but they have their moments... but what will you lot make of Repulsion, I wonder? It's back to black and white, but we do make it into the 1960's... and there's not a pod person or neck implant in sight - just lots of Freudian psychosexual angst and a very 'unhomely' apartment...