Thursday, 29 October 2009

Life Drawing - Class 5


which time are we supposed to be in, gorup B only? is it the normal 10 oclock lesson or have they fixed the massive break problem on the most recent timetable and changed it to 2 oclock? this makes sense, but then it says our maya lesson is at 10 oclock in the morning?????

Is this just a typo and which time is group B supposed to be in?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

From text to Maya Lecture

It felt weird being in on the wednesday but it was worth it, and i now have a clear understanding of the proccess we will have to go through to create good looking concept art form text. I was really looking forward to grabbing a tablet and cracking on but Alan was not into provide me one :( i guess its back to the nice old fashioned sketchpad and text to gather ideas. Hopefuly i will be able to pick one up on friday and have a little mess around on one. Sitting there in the lecture, watching and listening on how to go through this process really helped because i now actually have an idea of what the hell i am supposed to do.

Oh and we dont have theory tomorow yaaaaaaay.


What the f**k was that about, it was so wierd. It was like a scifi, romantic, horror all in one. Much preffered to the cabinet... though. Like you said phil, the scenerey in this film is amazing for its time, its hard to believe that that was the blockbuster of the 1920's and that a high majority of scifi films take concept ideas from this movie. I got lost so many times whilst watching it though, it was quite confusing but when someone tells you the story i then fully understood the film, but where did all the caves come from??? i had so many mor questions during that film but cannot remember them now. None the less another good classic.

The scenery was by far the best part of the movie, it reminded me alot of the Bioshock styled environment, and it didnt help this thought when everywhere started to flood.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Digital Environment Concept Test

Just thought id quickly have a go at doing a digital painting, basicaly to see how hard it is to draw your idea, how hard it is to gather colours and how hard it is to work on a painting using layers effectively. I thought it went quite well, its just a quick mess around of an idea i had in my head but i think it look quite cool for a first painting.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth - Excerpt 1

I read the first of the 3 excerpts from the novel, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, today on the train home from uni. It passed the time suprisingly fast, i think im going to have to take up alot more of this so called 'reading a book'. So far from the first piece of text, i have got 2 ideas on which i will want to work on. Its quite hard understanding the text due to the fact it cuts in half way through the chapter and you have no idea on whats happening but eventually so ideas came to mind as i worked out what was what.

Also im trying as hard as i can not to research into any image based concpet work on the novel because i do not want it to affect my ideas which will come to mind, its just a shame that i have seen the remake to im constantly thinking of that : (

Now i just have to get cracking on putting my ideas onto paper and thinking of a suitable subject for the essay, See you lot tommorow.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

What a funny one that was, i think i preffered The Elephant Man but none the less, still a good movie, for its time that is. But think of how inspiring that movie has been on all these recent ones, an idea has to start somewhere is supppose. Like what Phil was saying before, that man owes him his livelyhood. Im not saying i did not enjoy the movie, i thought it was quite interesting watching a completely different styled movie, but i dont think i would like to watch it again.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Unit 2: Space

Now that unit 1 is out the way, lets get started on unit 2. Pretty happy with my film, 'Journey to the centre of the Earth' mainly because i have actually heard of it and have recently seen the remake : ) only bad thing is, tablet drawing in Photoshop, i am yet to experience it, so i will be a bit behind most of you lot. Still should be a very interesing project though. See y'all monday.

Friday, 23 October 2009


I was up and rearing to go this morning for these presentations and the hand in of our work. But no, a bloody fatality on my train line, i was sitting there for 2 hours hoping that they would clean up and change from being delayed. This of course never happend, im now back home trying to find a way to get it. I will be in though.

Just To Recap

My preparatory portraits...

and my final portrait...

Detectives Desk Tutorial

I quite enjoyed doing this tutorial, it was interesting seeing all the different stages behind a nice final rendered image. It didnt take too long but i finished just just before closing time at uni.

Bottle and Lable Tutorial

I really did not enjoy doing this tutorial, it was really confusing, i was drasticly running out of time and i did not like the final outcome, it will have to do for now, but i want like to change it so the label is back in the middle.

Common Material Shaders Tutorial

Another quick tutorial, and can now say i know how to make the common material shaders in maya.

Robot Key Frame Animation Tutorial

Another nice piece of animation, this time using key frame, went well, didnt have any problems with this tutorial, but again i wish i had tim to make an animation for the blog.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Rocket Animation Motion Path Tutorial

Easy as pie, completed it really quickly and looks like a pretty cool piece of animation. Its a shame i didnt have time import them into Premiere and make i nice animation for the blog.

Stylistic Lighting Tutorials

These took far longer than they should have due pc to mac problems. They was worth the time though, im glad with the outcome.