Monday, 30 November 2009

Thumbnail Sketch 01

On the train home today, i was having a quick flick through the new brief and an idea comes to mind. I'm not sure whether it can be described at tableaux vivant but its still an idea.

Its basically a room with a man sitting on his chair reading his news paper, beside him is a window, and a little cabinet or table with quite a low light source. It will be old fashioned, I'm thinking 1940-50s.

Outside the window there will be a very chaotic, war torn environment, red/orange colours with lots of smoke.

But the inside of the room it will be very peaceful, as if the person did not know or care the war outside is happening on his door step.

Then finally beside the man reading his paper there will be a bomb, smashed through the ceiling, lots of shrapnel/bits of roof everywhere.

Im not sure whether the bomb will be on the ground or caught mid point in the action.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Great film, I'm really getting interested in these 'oldies', damn you Phil. My friend has also randomly taken an interest in this old genre of films, and has managed to 'acquire' them. I think they are worth checking out. The film today was really good, i really wanted to know how he came to end up in the police station at the beginning. There are some odd scenes, which were quite funny though, (where the hell did the spank come from, why was that needed???) but there was also some great scenes, for example the end scene when he runs down the highway screaming, its just a hunch but it think that definitely an iconic scene of the movie.

The story line was really good for such an old film, i wouldn't have guessed that, that was the way it was all going to pan out, which is always a good surprise. I do think they could have expanded a bit on why everyone wanted to let the pods take over, but none the less another great movie.

Its quite amazing that the American suburban style of aestetics has been so over used in movies, but this style has really done the movie well, it made it seem quite contemporary. I also checked out Disney's celebration land, its spot on that conformed image of happiness in an American town, but I'm quite sure there would be some snide muttering under those smiles.

Maya Update

Alan, ignore the previous post. Ive managed to triumph through it during the night. Its rendering now, but i do not want to miss the briefing so i will, come back down and post the rendered image on the blog after. Hope thats ok, sorry its late.

** the first render just finished in time, ill do the second one and the photoshop part after the breif**

Finished : )

Maya Update

Sorry Alan, it does not look like i will be able to make the deadline with a finished, complete render of the street.

Its a shame, i was really looking forward to seeing that final render, plus knowing that i have just modelled it.

I have not been able model the fire hydrant and the window deatail, and i cannot put the ac unit in or the mail box in on this version of maya. As you can see in the print screen above ive managed to do everything else minor these details. I will take a render out when i come in tomorow morning, and try to finish more.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Maya Update

So heres where im at now, ive still got to do those god damn windows, then its just folder 3 and 4. I should quite easily get it done by monday, but i might see if i can not go into work tomorow and do it then.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Unit 2: Space Finished

The crit today seemed alot more intense than the last. Maybe its becasue we were just getting used to the last one. Over all i would say im happy with my out comes. I do believe that i could have vastly improved with time managment, and if i had more time on the second and third concepts they could have been much better. (by more time i mean, if i started them sooner and didnt spend too much time on the first concept)

I will definatly do things differently in Unit 3. Plus there wont be as much distractions...except christmas.

So now its time to shred mw2 for a bit.

Shore Line Development

Final Concept Image No.3 - Shore Line

This is the third of my final images. The top image is the full resolution, and the bottom image is the lower resolution blog copy. (for the smaller screens)

The idea behind this concept is...that this is the shore line which is backed on by a forest in the centre of the Earth. Due to the fact that it is in the centre of the Earth there source of light is electrical lightning.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Final Concept Image No.2 - Mushroom Forest

This is the second of my final images. The top image is the full resolution, and the bottom image is the lower resolution blog copy. (for the smaller screens)

The idea behind this concept is...that this is the mushroom forest that the explorers discover in the centre of the earth. The mushrooms are massive, which is why it is made to look so high up and the reason why you can not see the ground.

Final Concept Image No.1 - Volcano

So here it is. The first of my final images. The top image is the full resolution, and the bottom image is the lower resolution blog copy. (for the smaller screens)

The idea behind this concept is...that this a landscape view of the volcano that leads the explorers down to the centre of the Earth.

Mushroom Forest Continued

Heres another pic of the mushroom concept ive been working on. Its came along way since last night, also cheers ruben, those images you linked were quite helpful. There was another James Clyne one on your blog which has gave me some inspiration.

All i have to do now is to clean it up a little and sort out the mist.

Mushroom Forest Continued

Heres a quick update of my mushroom forest. i think its making a fair bit of progress, definatly looking alot more cleaner.

: (

4 days of essay writing is not good for the creativity. Ive been sitting here for hours not being able to produce anything worth while. Im now developing on the mushroom idea, hopefully it will go further.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Soon To Be Final

I say this is the final, but im sure there will be soem touch ups.

Essay Completed

Ive finally finsihed the essay, all that i have left is to read over the essay, finish off my 3 final images to a standard i am happy with and finsh of the maya for monday.

Essay Approaching Conclusion

Ok, ive been working on this essay all day, i think im killing my laptop in doing so. I have sooooo much wasted text, ive tried focusing on too many different points, ive spoken about a build up in the story, Giger, loads of other people involved, the aliens, the dereclict ship, the space jockey, the plantoid, the nastramo inside the nastramo, sleep chambers. But its just toooo much. Ive decided to go with the quality not quantity policy, it was starting to approch double the limit if i got it finished. Ive now decided to write about the impact that Giger had on the film. Hopefully it will be ok.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Just another quick question, is the 1500 word count the maximum limit we have?


Could you please check over the following paragraph, which is part of my essay, im not sure whether im using the harvard method correctly. Im using all the information on this essay from a book form the library, it says that its by Paul Scanlon, Michael Gross and edited by Charles Lippincott, but it does not say who wrote what in the book, and it also does not have page numbers. Shall i count them out started from the first page of writing?

I will start this essay off by giving a brief description of the build up to the pre production and concept stages of Alien (1979). Before i start i will state one sentence to think about after a shaky start to the development of the story. 'Twentieth Century Fox wanted to make sure that the sixteen weeks of principle shooting would only be witnessed by authorised eyes.' (Paul Scanlon, Michael Gross, 1979: pg 01 'The Book of Alien') What Paul Scanlon and Michael Gross, the authors of the book appear to be saying, is that the shooting and set design of the movie was to be kept a great secret from the public, and only people working on the set was allowed to see it. However a pass from the production manager would allow a visitor a glimpse of what was going on inside.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Let it begin. I have finally started to write my essay, it seems to be hard at first, but its really not. Ive planned out everything i need to write, and already at this early stage im thinking i will need to cut bits and pieces of the essay out before i have even written anything.

Today was quite productive, i handed my essay in and sorted out my blog, ive posted all the bits and bobs ive had lying around my laptop of this unit, its mostly reference and research images but i thought i would stick them up anyway.

Journey To the Cente Of The Earth Remake

Heres just some images i found whilst researching the remake of the movie. As you can see from these images lighting plays a key role in this movie, which is what i think i need to focus on during my concept images.

Research Images

After that mound of reference images, I thought there was no better time or place to post these images. At first I did not research into any of the previous work on Journey to the centre of the Earth, I thought they might have some impact on my work, which I did not want. So here they are, there mostly book/movie covers.

Volcano Reference Images

Some reference images for the volcano idea. Initially i wanted to have a desert scene, but after working on the scene i decided a more icy feel would work better.

As you can see form my work, these reference images worked out for the better.