Sunday, 17 January 2010

Angles, Angles, Angles...

I have now finished modelling my room now all except for the random object. I still have to lay out the UV's in which I'm hoping there will not be any problems, then texture and light the scene. At the minute I'm trying to work out which angle the camera should be at.

I think the lower down angles work more for the set, it brings across a sense of innocence within the camera, it's low angle could replicate the height of a child. But then I'm not sure how much of aroun the corner should be on view, i think the third, fourth and fifth angles work the best.


  1. For the height of the child, I would go for shot 4 a little higher!

    also, only my opinion when I look at shot 2 and 6 something to do with angle of the camera and how the closer wall is placed that puts me more in a subject view, wanting to go over that corner and find what is in there.

  2. personally, I versions 2 and 6! Of course, they don't have the child pov going on, but I think their strangeness is much more pronounced and they have an air of expectancy...