Monday, 25 January 2010

Animation Short Reviews

So here are all of the animation reviews for this unit, the late but that does not mean i did not want to write about them. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, but my favourite ones have to be Kiwi and Our Wonderful Nature. I think its because they are more character based up on amimals, which is always funny.

Ex ET:

This short animation's story is based on an alien child's life of normality and how he just wants to be a child. Throughout the animation you notice allot of repetitiveness and start to pick up on how the life of this race should be. Very bland, very normal and very so to say drugged up. Once the child becomes out of control, they send him to the doctors, where they 'fix' him by giving him a drug. This process repeats itself again until the parents give up and send him away, it is only at the end when you realise what the story is actually about, which is how children are brought into the world on Earth.

The look and colour palette of this scene is very stylistic, the overall feel of the colours are pastel based and very warm. A very well done animation, it has a great story, great concept, cg and sound.


This short animations story is based on a wing-less bird nailing a tree to the side of a cliff. Its only at the end again like Ex-ET, when the viewer realises what the animation is about. The birds life long dream to fly, like the other birds. The character, kiwi, finally achieves his dream at the end by jumping of the edge of the cliff, falling past the trees and flying in a vertical way.

This animation is full of little emotions which truly make the character. The cg in this animation is very simple, but its brilliance is based in the story. During the animation, i was not sure on how it was going to end, and i had no idea how much emotion can be shown through a clever story, with simple cg, which this animation has done very well.

Our Wonderful Nature:

This short animations story is based on the mating of the water shrew. Such a simple story, but sheer brilliance, they set the scene of the animation by showing a very peaceful, calm, nature based environment where the water shrew lives. This calms down the excitement of the viewer by making them think its an animation based on nature, which many people may think how boring. But this is greatly not the case. This animation is an epic action based fight scene, which consists of two water shrews fighting for there women. The narrator of the animation goes on to tell the viewers about the speed of which the water shrew lives its life, which is very fast paced. Therefor, finishing the story in less than 30 seconds, but this is not the end, the animation then goes on to show the epic fight scene between the two water shrews, which i might say is very, very comical.

This animation has been produced to a very high standard, the story is simple, the cg is brilliant and the sound effects finish of the animation with its super slow-mo sounds and fast paced squeakiness.

Over all i would say that these animations all have there merits, but its the sheet simpleness and emotion of Kiwi, which i rate to be the best.

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